The Buddhists seek Nirvana as their “final goal.” Champions Green County Nirvana could be your final goal as well.
Why not seek it?

The idea behind Champions Green County is a simple one – you need a House which can be called a Home. Standard apartments and condos will lack personal touch that your own Home will offer. At Green County, we offer residential plots for sale in Bangalore, for you to invest in and construct your dream house, just the way you want it.

At Green County we provide land for sale based on niche client requirements and budget. Spread across sprawling 4 million sqft. Green County, sublimely blends space and greenery, with modern infrastructure and amenities, to offer the most plush living possible.

Planned by the best minds, Green County is the result of meticulous thinking and people’s demand. Situated beside the Bengaluru-Hyderabad NH7 Highway, Green County offers a diverse range of gated community villa plots to build your Home.

At Champions Group, we urge you to be a part of the exclusive living experience, that won’t pinch your pockets too hard nor will let you compromise on how you live. With residential plots that promise personal space and community bonding, Green County is the perfect start to a new way of living.


Establishing ourselves as the Voice of Real Estate in Bengaluru was not easy.But then, that’s the Beauty of it.

Bank Loans Available

Champions Green County provides luxury living at affordable prices. We have collaborated with leading nationalized and MNC banks and financial institutions to help you in securing loans at the best available rates.


Champions Green County is:

  • DC Converted
  • CPA Approved
  • DTCP Approved

Site Details

The construction of Nirvana has been one of our most enthralling experiences. Nirvana’s residential plot for sale is for you. So we have kept it precise, just for you…
Site Dimensions: 30×40, 30×50, 60×40, 50×80 & odd sizes