Every homeowner has a unique story when it comes to interior design which shapes the personality and destiny of the home. Now that there is a huge awareness of going natural and need for eco-friendly designs, current residential projects offer space for such designs in apartments, villas and duplex homes. It is also easy to imagine owning a gorgeous villa with a manicured garden in the entrance. Should you need one, look for plots for sale near Devanahalli. This is the location where new trends of interior design trends will matter. Because they also focus on the exterior design not only the home interiors. Professional designers cater to requirements of both- exterior and interior décor in a villa or an apartment. While it is easy to do the inside part, how about learning how the new trends matter for the exterior? Let’s enjoy a cup of coffee and understand the current trending design of 2019.

Why exteriors matter to interior designers

 Whenever people visit your home, they are first impressed by the exterior. This is like a preview to what kind of a house they will be entering. We all know the first impressions matter. So, if you ask the professionals to focus on the exterior design it will be advantageous in the long run.  If shifting into a villa is on your mind then it is essential to create a breathtaking exterior in the plot you select. Try to look at villa plots for sale in North Bangalore which offer the prospective exterior designs that are trending in 2019. Just to mention a few trends that are inexpensive that can be used are listed here:

Stone does not age!

 If you are fortunate to have a driveway, putting cobblestones or any kind will add depth to the exterior. For example, stone veneer can be used for the exterior wall to look elegant and sturdy. It transforms an ordinary wall into a more stronger structure. Modern villas do have fantastic exteriors that have a powerful look. The use of stairs to the porch add to the visual element. If you have a large porch why not add a vertical garden wall. You may use real or artificial plants to decorate it. Let’s put it this way, without greenery inside out, any home is bereft of beauty and harmony. Residential plots in Devanahalli, Bangalore are now increasing the green cover. Plants are inexpensive and also low on maintenance. Other exterior items fade with time. But not stonework.

Sculptures for gardens

Add a beautiful sculpture which will add more sophistication to the place. Exteriors need good furniture that will stand weather outside. If you add a sculpture or any installation make sure the outdoor lighting is also in sync with it. In the darkness of the night, the spotlight will make it look better. Adding lamp posts to the driveway is also a fantastic idea. There are many creative lamp posts that can be installed. The trend has yet to catch on but slowly for new residences in the extended suburbs there is a steady interest in them. Come to Devanhalli to get an idea how you can create an impressive exterior for your independent home. Refresh your exterior ceiling design with lights or hang some pots around. See, there is a story with every home interior or exterior. You can make it happen when you chose the right plot to invest your money in.

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